Encore Gallery Tiles Odoo Version 12.0

Information about the Encore Gallery Tiles instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Product Stock Balance Report
odoo app print Product Stock Balance Excel Report (Opening, Sales, Purchase, Ending)
Product Stocks By locations & Report
Odoo app shows Stock Quantity for different Location on Product
Product Stocks By locations & Report
Odoo app shows Stock Quantity for different Location on Product
Discount On Sale Order
The module allows you to set discount in fixed/percent basis for sale orders and order lines separately. The total discount in an order is sum of global discount and order line discount.
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server Per User
It sends an e-mail from particular user's outgoing SMTP mail server. Use your own smtp server for sending mail from Odoo.
Alan custom
Theme Alan models
Combo Product Details
Combo Product
Track leads and close opportunities
Encoregallery Custom
encoregallery Alan models
Project Details
Project Product
Enterprise website builder
Organize and schedule your projects
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Invoices & Payments
Quotations/Sales Orders Approval
Quotations/Sales Orders Approval
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
From quotations to invoices
Point of Sale
Tablet POS: shops and restaurants
Website Partial Invoice Payment
Allow to pay invoice partially to portal users from website
Sell your products online
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Centralize employee information
Submit, validate and reinvoice employee expenses
Top Sold Products
Reports of Top Sold Products
Odoo Easy Search, global search, quick search
Search any data in Odoo. quick and easy. all data search. global search. fast search ever. fast search easy search search quick search search any object global search odoo search all databse search all search search products search invoices search orders search vendors search customers search any data
Audit Log
Payment Summary Report
Payment Summary Report
Centralize your address book
Invoice Discount
Document Sidebar
Document sidebar in form view
Idle Logout
Automatic Logout after inactivity
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Mail Compose with Email CC
Mail compose with email cc in discuss
Marketing Automation
Build automated mailing campaigns
Paypal Backend Payment
This module enables backend payment using paypal
POS On Hand Product Filter
POS On Hand Product Filter
Product Barcode
Product Barcode details
Product Barcode installation details
Products Details Report
Products Details Report
Product Warehouse Quantity
Real-time calculation and display available product's quantity from all warehouse
Open PDF Reports and PDF Attachments in Browser
Open PDF Reports and PDF Attachments in Browser
Sale Automatic Workflow
Sale Order Multi Product Selection
Sale Order Multi Product Selection
Product Sale installation details
Bulk Scrap Process - Scrap Multiple Products
Create a Bulk Scrap Operation and Scrap Multiple Products At Once.
Activity Management Base
Activity Management Odoo, Activity Scheduler Odoo, Manage Project Activity, Manage Employee Activity Module, Manage Supervisor Activity, Filter Completed Activity,filter planned Activity Odoo
Sales, Purchase, Invoices, Inventory, BOM, Scrap - All In One Barcode Scanner
This modules is useful to quick operations of sales, purchases, invoicing and inventory, inventory adjustment, bill of material, scrap using barcode scanner.
Global Barcode Search | Global QRCode Search
any data search Easy Object Search Quick Object Find advance search Object Using Attributes Odoo Object Search Global Model Search records Global Search Record By Barcode Search Record By QRCode Record Using Barcode Record Using QRCode Odoo
Use barcode scanners to process logistics operations
Web Clock
Website Visitor Count
This Module is Display Visitor Counts on Website.
Create surveys and analyze answers
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Schedule employees meetings
Schedule appointments with clients
Publish blog posts, announces, news
Publish videos, slides and documents
Publish events, sell tickets